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Group programs for 8 and more travelers

Because we have managed to sign direct contracts with our hotel partners, it allows us to make a special offers for groups starting form 8 travelling people. EuropaStarTour is happy to transfer these additional benefits to our group clients.

IMPORTANT! The earlier we recieve your booking for group visit, the more options we can offer to you. 

Special offer for groups includes:Group programs offer

  • Optimising a price per person to maximize a value for money proposition for your group;
  • Developing a tailor-made program based on your requirements;
  • Special "on top benefits", which make your stay even more pleasant in Prague

What we need to know from you to develop a group tour?

  • Your Name, contact tel. number;
  • Number of people in your group;
  • Date of arrival;
  • Duration of stay in nights;
  • Hotel preferences;
  • Excursions

Please send your requests for group tours directly to our e-mail: travel@europastarevent.com
Our manager will contact you in 24 hours to discuss details of your program.
Based on our experience, we recommend to send requests for group tour 2-3 months before your group planned arrival. 


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